The topic of wolves came up during a discussion at my work yesterday. Wolves can be a touchy subject; there is definitely a polarizing effect. During the course of the conversation, my boss relayed a sound bite from an “activist” person he knows. He said:

There has never been a documented case of wolves killing a human being in North America.

That seemed bogus to me given the nature of wolves, so I decided to Google it. Turns out as of 2006 that’s no longer true.

But that’s not what made me shake my head…

When I got home I had to mow my lawn, and when you’re spending an hour cutting grass you’ve got a lot of time to think. I started thinking about the argument to defend wolves when I came to this thought:

Defending wolves with the argument that they have never killed a human is akin to defending radical Islamic terrorists because they’ve never been able to detonate a nuclear weapon on US soil. Just because it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean the intent isn’t there.

I just cross my fingers that wolves don’t get religion…

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  1. casper says:

    Interesting comparison .. although wolves’ actions are dictated by tens of thousands (or more) years of natural-born instinct, whereas terrorists have to make a choice to do what they do. Protecting (or defending) wolves is somewhat akin to protecting (or defending) humans who have mental issues and can’t necessarily be held responsible for what they do.